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Cryptocurrency Trading

How to place trades

I can certainly help you learn how to place trades! Trading involves buying and selling assets like stocks, cryptocurrencies, or commodities with the goal of making a profit.

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Which platforms & tools are useful to use

I'll teach you about the best platforms and tools for trading, helping you select the right ones to meet your trading goals effectively.

Trade and investment concept

How to make technical analysis and draw conclusions from it

I'll teach you how to do technical analysis and use it to make informed trading decisions.

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How to use Supply & Demand to trade

I'll teach you how to trade using Supply and Demand principles effectively.

About Wice Life

Hello, I'm the creator of Wice life. I began my trading journey just like you, with a thirst for knowledge and a dream of financial success.

Years ago, I faced the trials and tribulations of trading, learning the hard way about the importance of knowledge, strategy, and discipline. Through dedication and continuous learning, I transformed from a novice trader to a profitable one.

This journey led me to create [Your Trading Course Brand]. I wanted to share the wisdom and strategies I've gained to help traders like you achieve their financial goals.

Join us, and let's embark on your trading journey together. I'm here to guide you toward success.

To your trading success!


Years experience

Stock Broker Trading Online
Business Investor Trading

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9 Comprehensive videos about my trading strategy

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